Expansion: The Website is Officially Up, Guys!

Here’s a fact about me. I’m slow to expand.

I’m not talking abut weight; hell I gain 45 pounds from thinking about Taki’s. I’m not talking about expanding my mind–we’ll leave that one to another post.

What I’m talkin’ bout is the ability to take a step up, or take a step out on faith. The pure Jupiterian faith that allows you to see no boundaries, no reservations, no details, and no structure. The expansion gene that turns a block into a ghetto, and a ghetto into an empire.

I’m slow at that. My Jupiter is in Virgo (it’s detriment), and my Moon is in Taurus. that makes me nit-picky about expanding and placing faith, and gives the emotional need to take ” ev-ery-f*cking-thing-so-darn-sloowwwwww” (as told my my hyperactive Gemini boyfriend).

Sometimes, i feel super-duper lucky to be so patient. I think it gives me a down-to-earth advantage over situations that I could be a stupa-head and rush into, eventually leading me to my sick, sad, downfall.

Other times, I feel debilitated by my willingness to wait. Sometime, I look at myself, and be like, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?!? YOU HAVE ERRTHING YOU NEED!”. Maybe it’s an insecurity thing. I never think i’m smart enough to write that book review, but I turn it in and BOOM, the professor LOVES it! My friend want’s a reading, I’m wary so I resist, and try to put it off (I have a fear that I don’t know anything about the Tarot, when in reality, I live, breathe, and eat it). He begs, I buckle and give the reading, and BAM, words I’ve never even used before are flowing outta me like Tarot Diarrhea after an enchilada!

Mainly, it’s a issue of Faith, and trust in my skills as a human.

The creation of a reading website seemed like a distant dream to me a while ago, and like always, I felt like I didn’t have the substance of knowledge that I needed to do the sh*t.  Who the hell would wanna pay ME to read for THEM? Am I Ready for all that? Let’s think this through. And think it through, summore. And Some more. and Some More. and More. Annnnnnd More, ANNNNDD MORRRRE. AND MORRRRRRRRRE.

But lately, things are telling my conscious to Shut the Fuck UP, and get on with it (or “Keep Calm, and get the fuck on with it” at least), so I listened.

Here, I Present to you, the results of my Jupiterian act of unbounded FAITH.

Come Get a Reading Guys!


The readings are inexpensive, and the love is unending :).
Please, if you have any questions or comments, critiques  or concerns, PLEASE let me know.


About ReadingsByOctober

Just examining what this whole, "being human" thing is about. Usually through the study of what creates/created a humanity and all physical experience; Metaphysics. I got a whole crew of peoples who got my back. Source/God/Goddess/Jesus/Higher-self/Psychic Intuition, and all 'dem.
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2 Responses to Expansion: The Website is Officially Up, Guys!

  1. mystereum says:

    Best blessings and Successes to You! Nice site, you stepped well!

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