TarotBlogHop: How To Be A Better Candle (the 5 Tarot Commandments For Being A Dope Human Being)

This’ll totally make sense when you read the post.

Special Thanks To Donnaleigh de LaRose for the graphic^!



This past December while perusing my Facebook newsfeed, I signed up for something SO AMAZING, SO ORIGINAL, SO SPARTAAAA, that I think it’s going to be the waaaave of the blog futuurrrrre! And you know i’m always down for wave-of-the-future stuff.

I signed up for a Tarot-themed BlogHop group: pretty much the same meaning as a BarHop, but online, with blogs, and tarot themed. This round’s topic is How To Be A Better Candle, and the direction you can take with just those 6 words is only limited to your imagination. The only requirement, and I mean ONLY requirement, is that we leave links to the blog posts before and after ours to keep the tarot train chuggin’ along, to connect with as many new bloggers as possible, and to make this tarot community web spread out to the deepest, darkest, furthest reaches of the world-wide-internets.

So, without further ado, here is How To Be A Good/Better Candle: The 5 Tarot Commandments.*


Well let’s start off. What exactly IS a candle?

To some, a candle is a dainty, Pier1-bought house-ornament, dedicated to making the surrounding environment more aesthetically pleasing, calm, and aromatic.

To some others, a candle is a tool used for evoking the energies, intentions, and wisdoms of generations gone past, and using them for help in today’s existence through correspondences, spells, and altars.

To some, it’s an extremely creative alternative to paying a god’damn light bill.

Ya’ wanna know what a candle is to me? Ok, get ready for this. A Candle Is A Human. Yes, no typo, a human being. And all of these aforementioned ideas about what a candle is, are all exactly 100% perfectly correct as well.

Like humans, a candle is physical expression of Divine light equipped with evolving stages of awareness, just like us. It can rise, fall, and rise again; leave it’s beautiful scent or fall to it’s doom and destroy everything in it’s path.

 Yes, like candles, humanity was created to beautify it’s environment and influence peace. Yes, like candles, our humanity is a tool for invoking the wisdoms of souls from generations gone past (via our family descendencies and heritages) for use in our daily existances. And yes, candles and humans are both here to create.

So, what’s my formula here? if a=b, and b=c, then a=c. Pretty much, humans are all candles, and candles are all humans. 🙂 Logical, right?

So if we’re all candles, how do we go about being the best one we can possibly be?  How do I deal with this information!? What can we learn from our people, the candles?!?!? How can we impliment them into our daily human-candle lives?!!??!?!!?

Fortunately, my dear, candles come with an amazing set of intuitive instructions/commandments that humanity sometimes seems to lack. Their advice can help us live, learn, and grow so that we can let our “lil’ light shine” without burning anything down! And you don’t even have to light your hair on fire, fyi. All we gotta do, is listen.

Commandment #1) Thou Shall Create a Base.

Candles are built for longevity. When was the last time you lit a candle and sat there, impatient, heart palpatating, sweat beading on your forehead, waiting for it to “hurry-up-and-freaking-MELT-DOWN-ALREADY!!”?
That’s right, never. You light a candle to slow those irregular heart beats, and to soften your mood, be in the present, and relax for as loooongggg aaaas posssibllllle. Where does the candle get it’s ability to last that long, and stand that sturdy? From it’s base. From it’s foundation. From standing on the proverbial “shoulders” of the object that comes before it (..under it), or even the container that contains it. You can’t knock over something that has decided that it’s likes where it is just fine, thank you very much. All candles no matter what type, have either an internal base or a sturdy surface to build itself on, and as long as the base knows that it belongs there, no one can convince it to falter.

Tarot Advice:

Like the King of Pentacles and the Emperor, it’s important for us candle-humans to keep firm to our respective bases. Everything in the world, especially the western world, seems like it’s constantly trying to pull us every-which-way: buy this, believe this, dont do that, watch them, like this, come over here, lie down there, jump up now. And then there’s daily demands from family, work, school, struggles, standards, double standards, and fads; it wreaks havoc on a poor human, body and soul! If ever we’re feeling off center, we should take our cue from these two guys and remember the ideals and convictions that we hold dear to ourselves. Get organized internally. Like the King of Pents, Get REAL. Remember that you are divine light coagulated into atoms, into elements, into compounds, all existing on a humongous rock running around an even humongous-er ball of gas at 67,000 mph, in a universe made up of the same things that you are, and see if that doesn’t put your life back into perspective. Like the Emperor, reassert your right to be the individualized expression of divinity by firmly planting your ass cheeks on the ground, and remembering that through all the twists and turns, you stand firm, grounded, and endurance-filled; like a fresh candle, placed upon an altar.


Commandment #2) Thou Shalt Thrust Thyself Upward.

Okay, so the candle base is now centered on the middle of the altar. It’s sturdy. You cant push it left, it resists. Try to knock it to the right, and you got another thing coming to ya, fresh guy. And it’s not like you can flatten the candle down to a 2-dimensional circle on the table or something. From here, the candle has no where to go but up! From the sturdiness and down-to-earth-ness of the base, the candle projects itself upward in an unapologetic thrust of  joy! Whether it’s a shy, modest tea-light, or an assertive, intrusive candlestick, you can bet that the candles will be looking upward for their next set of directions.

Tarot Advice:
What do you do, as a candle-human, after you realize that you deserve to be here, and you deserve to be here firmly planted in the ground, without waiver, unmovable and unfazed? You screw it all up by wanting to change direction. Well, not really, but instead of looking at things from a structured point of view you learn to take a fool’s leap and break on through, to the other side: the other side meaning the higher-side of faith and unending hope/optimism. Once you’ve placed value on your material existence, spirit can comfortably start to express itself through you. Being settled-in is fine; but ASCENSION is called ASCENSION for a reason! Someone who’s on the right track is said to be RASING their vibration, and that’s no coinkydink. From this higher, more UPLIFTED point of view of life, you can see things more objectively and as clear as the air. Like the STAR, you grasp the ideas of trusting in a higher power (that isn’t your material/mental self), gaining new pockets of wisdom n’ knowlege  (that arent material/mental knowledge), and an intuitive feeling that this all means something, deeper than the material or logical meaning. And although it tends to be scary at first, dangling up there in the aether, …all alone…, you’re soon greeted by 2 faithful friends: Hope and Joy. It’s easier to get to know them when you can erect yourself up past the flat, sometimes suffocating 2nd dimension. Down there you could see them, true, but up here in the more uncertain heavens, they come ready and gift-wrapped in your favorite color box; all you have to do is open them. BAM! Out jumps THE SUN to clear away any fear and doubt you may have had about doing this. It puts a smile on your face and heat in your little heart.  Hmm..This aether stuff ain’t bad at all!

Commandment #3) Thou Shalt Share Thine[?] Gifts.

Once the candle is now projected into the air, and has got an eyeful of this wonderful alternate view, it’s time for it to do one of the most important things that a candle could ever do…ever. Burn.
And not only burn, but burn bright enough to fill your local radius with ample light. And not only burn bright enough to fill your local radius with ample light, but to give off a delicate orgasmic aromatic scent to the whole entire room, without even thinking twice about it. Candles are always, always willing to share! Just Cause’ :)!

Tarot Advice:
You, as a human-candle on this level, have a bag full of yummy delicious goodies and a pocket full of sunshine. You’ve got the light, and the beautiful scent! AWW yesss, this is definitely the good life. But what  is always 100x better than having the light all to your lonesome? SHARING IT! At this point in time we’re BURSTING at the seams with joy and hope and faith, but as humans on this physical plane, we can’t exactly cup it in our hands and pass it to the next person who’s having a bad hair day and on their twelfth cigarette break. Well then, what do we do to share our smell, so to speak? We pass it off in good deeds, of course! A bear hug to a saddened child. A jovial conversation with an otherwise lonely widow. Picking up the tab for the next person in line at Subway. Smiling. Sharing. Wearing a green tunic with a red cloak,  hauling an egyptian scale down the street, handing off coins to the folks who may need them more than you. The 6 of Pents is a reminder that we should always give what we have recieved; but not only for karmic reasons. We musn’t be afraid to share our wealth of spirit. It’s impossible not to!  Like the EMPRESS (Venus), the abundance of light and positivity you have is made to share with others! Why not let them in on this lush garden you found? Cornucopias are built for however many they can feed, and the empress has a divine, neverending one. Her womb. The most intimate part of herself she is willing to share with us, forever. Let’s take our cue from her on that :P!

Commandment #4) Thou Must Melt

So the candle burns, joyous that it gets to go on and on for an eternity and an hour, when suddenly, it notices that it’s…kinda starting to get a lil’ hot up in here, up in here. Somethings changing. And even more oddly, it’s wax appears to be liquid-izing, suspended up-side-down in mid air, and oozing back down to the far, fearsome depths below. OKAY, omg, this is like, 4000 times more scary than when it left the base to eject into higher space!! This has gotta be some serious change going on for this candle. We would assume that it would panic; make a last half-assed attempt in regathering itself back into an erectile object. But what does it do? Nothing. “CANDLE, DO YOU KNOW YOU’RE MELTING?!?!”. Yep. It knows. Still, nothing.

Tarot Advice:

You know all that faith and trust that we were supposed to have learned from our time in the aether? Yeah, all that. Here would be the time where we need to put our proverbial monies where our proverbial mouths are. It is natural that in the midst of the dramas of THE TOWER (seemingly catastrophic/rapid life change), we panic. We see everything that we’ve built for ourselves crumble into miniscule centimeter-sized drops of petrified wax on the surface of a plastic table. And we panic. But, like we said, here’s where that Saturnian energy of faith through hardship and change comes in. When things get really shaky, we can count on the HANGED MAN to hang-up his old, negative view of a sticky situation, and see things from a more divine point of view–even if it takes some kookyclimbing to get there. Actually, i’ve never noticed before, but the second crowned figure in the TOWER card seems to be jumping over into the HANGED MAN card, and transforming theirself into just that. We gotta learn to let go, when the goin’ gets rough and this doom seems to be coming from a source beyond your control. You never know what this lesson is teaching you…

Commandment #5) Thou Must Salvage Thyself[thineself?]

And just like that, the candle is dead.
Yup, dead as a doornail.
It remains only a calcified echo of what it once was: Grand. Tall. Majestic. Buoyant, and virile. Now: flat. Slow. Sad, and Defenseless. Ended.

But wait. If you look a little more profoundly, you see that the wax hasn’t evaporated completely. Wait.. does that mean… I’ts salvagable?! You can re-melt it, and re-use it for another go-round. YES!

Tarot Advice:
Endings are inevitable, and sad and depressing, but they ultimitely give way to something that might not have ever been noticed or appreciated before the end. The Rebirth. The DEATH card always seems to remind us of our inevitable end, and that terrifies us. But it honestly serves as a precursor to greater (or at least other) things to come. Death, and the sadness and stigma attatched to it, is definitely a purely human/material institution. When we AS HUMANS use our HUMAN ass senses to search for something and it does not reveal itself to said Human ass senses, we HUMANS label it: Dead, And Thats Final. Well, if we as humans take the advice from our candleous counterparts, we find that energy is not created nor destroyed, only transferred. Like the JUDGEMENT card implies, nothing or no-one ever truly dies, but we all transition. Although right before we die, it looks like death for sure. Yup, straight death, no chaser. But it takes a different set of eyeballs to see what we call “death” as transitory. A wiser set of eyeballs. A FaithFilled set. Just like it takes a certain set of eyeballs to see melted dead wax not as dead wax, but as infinite potental.




Well, there ya have it guys!
My very first BLOGHOP!
I hope this blog brings out the best votive inside of you! 😀






*Everything written here is totally my opinion, and doesnt necessarily reflect the opinions of all the other dope ass blog-hoppers, kay?! 🙂 Thx.


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Just examining what this whole, "being human" thing is about. Usually through the study of what creates/created a humanity and all physical experience; Metaphysics. I got a whole crew of peoples who got my back. Source/God/Goddess/Jesus/Higher-self/Psychic Intuition, and all 'dem.
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6 Responses to TarotBlogHop: How To Be A Better Candle (the 5 Tarot Commandments For Being A Dope Human Being)

  1. Arwen says:

    You utterly rock! What a clever, heart-hitting post. I love the questions for your spread. I adored the third use of a candle at the top. Word. I’ve been there. 😀 Such a great post. Truly enjoyed this and feel fired up and inspired because of it.

  2. Zanna Starr says:

    Fabulous post! I especially love what you said about how candles don’t really die. There’s always some part left that can be reborn. So true! Thanks for this clever, entertaining “hop stop” on the Tarot Blog Hop.

  3. mystereum says:

    You rock! You really get a coolio wanna-listen-to-the-music again vibe going. I LOVE that! Thanks for a wonderfully resonant hop-stop!

  4. mystereum says:

    and . . . “Just like it takes a certain set of eyeballs to see melted dead wax not as dead wax, but as infinite potental.” I have 2 spent candles on my kitchen counter ’cause they smelled kick-ass, and thought I would rebirth them into new ones. And now, I WILL with the rockin’ thought of infinite potential. You penned the words to the feeling I hadn’t expressed. Thanks!

  5. Barbara Moore says:

    Love your attitude and loved this post!

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