Frank Ocean- Pyramids (Video)

Hey Guys,

I wanted to post the Video HERE, but you know how the internet is, sometimes.

So stingy.

So Copyright infringe-y.

SO until I become sleuth enough to find a link that actually works with WordPress, that escapes the all seeing eye of the Information Interstate patrol, I’m just gonna post the links to where you can see it.

And you NEED to see it.
You DO.

or the strongly suggested

This video is the Pop-Off joint to a little inspiration I’ve been getting to go to Egypt.
Physically and Subconsciously.
I’ll explain soon.

Here it is.

<| October|>


About ReadingsByOctober

Just examining what this whole, "being human" thing is about. Usually through the study of what creates/created a humanity and all physical experience; Metaphysics. I got a whole crew of peoples who got my back. Source/God/Goddess/Jesus/Higher-self/Psychic Intuition, and all 'dem.
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2 Responses to Frank Ocean- Pyramids (Video)

  1. Desi says:

    I visited Egypt in a bad dream that I made myself control. I’ve been studying lucid dreaming and flipped the nightmare so that I can see the pyramids

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