Readings∞By∞October: Passion Crystalized Through Focus.


Welcome Y’all.
Feel free to take off your shoes.

You know, a really beneficial lesson I’ve been learning lately in life is the lesson of making passion a priority, and making it the true fuel behind my motivations. To put it simply, I’ve been in this weird funk where I have a theoretical intention to do the things I am passionate about, but for reasons (previously) unbeknownst to me, they never actually end up getting done. The ideas and projects get initialized indeed; I’m always starting up some new sh*t. My cardinal Libran nature is always up for some creative new pockets of expression! Looking back at my past unfinished projects, I noticed that I always start off so motivated and dead-set. HARD. But as time passes, my motivation erodes and I’m onto the next new fun idea- all the while very critically aware of the project that I failed to finish. This became a perpetual cycle; I started to think something was wrong with me! Why couldn’t I finish projects? What was it that made me able to just up and abandon something birthed in my own creation? Was I just lazy?

Well, It wasn’t a lack of passion, I had plenty of that, as I would take off lightspeed toward whatever seemingly lofty goal I thought up. And It wasn’t a lack of focus either- I always knew what I needed to do and the practical steps to get things done, and done right.

I’ll tell you what it was.

It had never occured to me that one’s endurance and longevity in a project was directly related to how much you could FOCUS your PASSION! DUH OCTOBER!!!

Within this last 2 months (2013 is a bangin ass year :}!) I’ve come to the conclusion that projects and dope creative ideas are not side jobs, or jobs in general. For me, longevity and focus meant actually embracing the DEVILS of Saturn: schedules, lists, and orderly thinking. It’s dawned on me, however, that I can actually ENJOY the processes of making schedules and lists. That I can be generous with myself and allow a fun, diverse creativity schedule with wiggle room and color! Meditation is not just something to d0 “when I got a lil’o’bitta time” after a long day of stressful work. I can make my day at work a walking meditation. The processes of painting, drawing and making jewelry are an actual therapy that I should enjoy; not just my business . Learning astrology is not an mental marathon; it’s a hobby! I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for me to continue on doing the things that I love past the infatuation stage, I need to remember the true reason why I like to start projects; CUZ THEY’RE FUN! I have to look at the footwork as fun itself; not something I have to do to experience the “real fun part” of getting it done.

So what does this mean for RBO?

RBO is one of those unfinished dangling projects that I am HELL BENT on building momentum for. This blog will grow as I grow, as we all grow spiritually. I have a lot of ideas and projects that would be super ill to get popping; RBO is the springboard for my goals to take flight, and STAY FUELED as they reach the cosmos.

So pretty much, it means NEW DOPE SHIT FOR READINGS BY OCTOBER!!!
(ill explain soon! Very Soon.)

I got that CRINACK, I promise!

Passion and Focus to Yoo and Yoors.
Peace, Octubre.


About ReadingsByOctober

Just examining what this whole, "being human" thing is about. Usually through the study of what creates/created a humanity and all physical experience; Metaphysics. I got a whole crew of peoples who got my back. Source/God/Goddess/Jesus/Higher-self/Psychic Intuition, and all 'dem.
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