What Kind of Blog is This Exactly?

What to Expect from ReadingsByOctober?

Now that I have my own little space here to be creative, I’m settling in y’all.

I’ve got some cool little ideas that I want to get going, here at RBO. Check it!



  • The Common Ground (with guest bloggers): Where two (or more) people with opposing views on a certain metaphysical or spiritual topic will guest blog, and explain their own views on the subject. They also have the opportunity to respond to each other and readers’ (your) comments. Why? A goal of mine is to make sure that multiple-perspective thinking and communication with other strong minds is given a fair chance to blossom, and that information is freely flowing and openly expressed. Why? Because I’ve noticed that a big chunk of what stops us from expanding our points of view on certain issues is not rooted in lack of access to information – but from purposefully blinding ourselves to the perspective of others, and defensively protecting our own views. Sometimes it hurts our ego to hear someone with a good point slaughter our mediocre or baseless one; but sometimes it’s exactly what we needed to hear to get over our big-headed selves and move the hell forward. I know. I’ve experienced it a hella lot of times. Yes, swords may be drawn, and blood may be shed. But in the end, we all come away with a more holistic point of view on the subject, and possibly a changed perspective. COMMENTERS ARE A HUGE PART OF THIS SECTION! SPEAK YOUR MIND! YOU WILL BE RESPONDED TO! Also, If you’d like to be considered for a chance to guest blog, e-mail me at ReadingsByOctober@gmail.com.
  • Talkin’ about Divination: Divination is the formal word for the art of using certain sacred tools to gain access to hidden knowledge. Tarot cards, Crystal Balls, Tea Leaves are all common forms of divination that we see around a lot, and may even have dabbled in (especially my psychedelic ass generation ;] ). My goal is, as I’m learning about these different types of divination (and we’re even gon’ get to the really obscure ones!), to spread the information. We’re going to delve into what it is, where it came from, where to get it, how it’s used, etc. I really want to get into the Egyptian-based Meter Neter (oracle of Tehuti), Sabian Symbols, pendulums, Tasseomancy (tea leaf reading), Aroma/Color therapy and more. So keep that third eye open for the oracle corner y’all.
  • Crystal Chrysalis: As I find my way back to the loving, wise womb of nature, I’ve realized that I have a real affinity for crystals and stones. It took a while for me to actually accept the realness of their energies, and I’m honestly still working on accepting that their energies even affect our energetic fields. Either way, crystals ARE a vibrating form of nature (like us), made up of molecules and atoms that are made up of energy (like us), and their energies DO affect the space around them, and vice versa (like us). I want to showcase them, explain their nature, find any associated anythings, and discuss their true properties; sometimes I read crystal healing properties from different sources, and they can say conflicting things about what ailments and issues they are supposed to heal. I want to get to the true roots, and see how ancient indigenous and native peoples use them.
  • Astrology Horoscopes and Planet Transit Updates: So, I LOVE astrology. And Apparently so do a whole lot of people in my generation, many of whom are silently interested but really have no place to start looking.  I’ll talk a lot about what astrology actually is (hint: it’s bigger than being “a Leo”), and how a higher consciousness perspective of astrology can help us in our personal evolution as spirits having a human experience (See: Evolutionary Astrology.)
  • Random Essays/Exhortations:  There seems to be a never ending list of random, oftentimes philosophical things that I want to talk about at any given moment. I’m working on an essay about the color spectrum, light, and what it means for our reality. I’m researching new ways of running societies that are not based off of money, and how to go about implementing them in my capitalist society. I’m definitely learning a lot about healthful alternatives to cosmetics, hygiene and household products, and I’d love to experiment and share with y’all (a segment affectionately names “The Apothecary“). I’m interested in talking about gardening and growing your own food on a budget, with limited space.
  • The Feminine Principle: divine feminine, Sacred Sexuality, the Yoni Egg, the meta/physical benefits of twerking, African Dance, and belly dance are all things I like to talk about and want to cover here as well.

Pretty Much,
I’m giving this blog all of me.
And yall all of me.
And the universe all of me.

Let’s build together.



About ReadingsByOctober

Just examining what this whole, "being human" thing is about. Usually through the study of what creates/created a humanity and all physical experience; Metaphysics. I got a whole crew of peoples who got my back. Source/God/Goddess/Jesus/Higher-self/Psychic Intuition, and all 'dem.
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