Want a Reading?

Want a reading from ya’ girl?
Check out my Reading website, where you can browse a variety of readings to help you on your way through this situation we call life!

There’s some inexpensive tarot readings there, as well as the best seller, the “Primal Triad” astrology that reading people seem to like so much! 😀
I also do parties in the Southern California Area!

I feel so blessed to have this opportunity!

CALL ME NOW FOR YA FREE TAROT REAAADIN’!!! (no, really though.)

Check out what a few of my new customers are saying! And If you have a review, please email me or hit me up somehow! I love Feedback!


Karena Alma, (Fontana, CA): 5-Card Reading
“October’s readings are very helpful. You would be surprised what the cards can tell you, and how often they come true. She talks to you like you’re human and not like  a customer and she offers real-life help and comfort in addition to the psychic reading she is very warm, and she feels like a friend.”

Iyana J. (San Jose State, CA): Primal-Triad Reading
“~~I am very skeptical about astrology and all that. But she really explained my chart to me in a way that I could understand it and it made sense of some things that were going on in my life at the time. I’m a christian and I thought it would be scary at first, but how could God not appreciate something that helps people have more faith in him? thats what she did.~~”

Berg B. (Olyphant, PA)
“She has a gift with the cards. She translates the cards into real-world meaning and I think thats awesome.”

James Kannelis, (Montclair, CA):
3-Card Reading, 5-Card Reading, 8+ Card Reading, “Primal Traid” Astrology Reading
“October’s Readings is one of the best that I have been too.  She gives off such a friendly vibe and actually takes time to get to know her customer rather then just give them what they want to hear and collect their money.  She knows what she is doing and translates everything perfectly,  Highly Recommended.”


I accept both PayPal and all major Debit/Credit cards. If ordering through PayPal, it might just be easier to ask your tarot question in the “Notes to seller” section of the purchase,that way, I can send you your answer as soon as I get your order. If you ain’t payin’ through PayPal, don’t trip, all clients are e-mailed personally, by me, PayPal or not, and you can communicate your question via e-mail.

And honestly, I can work with you on the prices. This information is not mine, nor anyone’s to hoard or be greedy about. Divination is a gift from the higher realms.

*Skype tarot/astrology readings coming soon!
**All ASTROLOGY readings are via Skype or sent via email only, no phone (tarot may be via phone). After purchasing, you’ll receive a personal e-mail from me, and we will set up a proper time and date to do our phone/skype reading. Don’t worry about being awkward on the phone or anything, we’ll get comfortable, lol :P. I’m really friendly!

Here’s my Code+Of+Ethics 🙂

#1) I am here to empower the client, no more, no less. To remove fear and open up the doors for personal power.

#2) I do not: Predict Death, Illness, or winning lotto numbers. I find that doing things like that is not only wrong, but fear instilling. and we don’t do fear here (see #1). The cards CAN however, predict future love influences, spiritual transitions, “dis-ease” healing opportunities, victories, and bouts of positive manifestation. We create our realities, we are not victims to it.

#3) Privacy is key. NO ONE will know what info was shared, unless you PERSONALLY give me permission to share.

#4) I don’t discriminate AT ALL. (see #1). Any creed, Race, color, Shape, Size, Circumstance, Sex, “gender”, I love you all, and we are all one. Discriminating would be discriminating against myself.
“I Like em’ brown, yellow, puerto rican or haitian”- A Tribe Called Quest

#5) I reserve the right to refuse service. If I feel uncomfortable with the question or any other reason, I just can’t do a reading. And if there’s any reason that I can’t give a reading if I’m not on the death bed, you know it’s got to be a serious reason. Like, “get yourself checked out, dude.” serious.

#6) I recommend professional help for Legal, Psychological, Medical, Financial, and Marital advice that I am not qualified to give. If I perceive that the client is a threat to their own or someone else’s health, I will refer them to the parties necessary to get help (hotlines, authorities, etc).

#7) No Refunds will be given after reading is e-mailed or carried out in any manner.

#8) I do not offer any percentage of accuracy. Most readers who do are complete scams. Life DOES change, and nothing is set in stone.

And Finally,
The number of completion,

Nothing, once again, is set in stone. You have the power to change anything that you didn’t like in the reading. The tarot shows one possible alternative, not fate. After the reading, we can talk, and see what we can come up with, to help you MANIFEST THE BEST for yerr future!

Thanks for stopping by!



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