Who Am I?

I’m October, and I was born in 1991, and I be bridging gaps.

I am a Metaphysician, Evolutionary Astrologer, and Healer; I understand that most physical and emotional dis-ease comes from a certain vibratory state and a lack of spiritual attunement, not just random issues or hereditary situations, from cancer to common colds. I’m challenging the western medicine doctrine, one self miracle at a time. I’m also a student of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, EFT, and other energetic healing techniques. You too, are a healer!

I’m challenging a whole lot of the western ways of thinking, actually. Whether it be through my understanding of natural medicines, my ideas about putting an end to the existence of the Criminal Judicial System (cops, judges, ‘laws’, etc.), my belief that anything and everything is possible and within reach, that people are inherently good, and there are negativity-detoxifying (healing) programs to remind people of that (so we wont NEED cops. I know. Sounds “impossible” right?).

Also, the ‘Education’ Industrial Complex, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Military Industrial Complex, the Music/Entertainment Industrial Complex, Beauty Industrial Complex, are all things that I’d like to make a lot more clear, and make a lot more non-existent.

I know that now is a great time to challenge the social institutions and thinking patterns we have been BORN into and taught to acquiesce to. I know that we have all the tools we need to go into a new way of thinking, it’s just a matter of turning feeling into knowing, and knowledge into power.

I’m here to Rebuild a new, loving, connected world.
My existence is dedicated to it.
I’m not here to “legislate” or “politick” with the standing social structure, using outdated tactics or tools that the structure itself has created. I’m here to Rebuild. From the bottom up.

I feel like the metaphysical/subconscious world has been my biggest teacher. All the science I learn in this 3rd dimension must be bounced up against my metaphysical teachings and checked for validity. That’s can be a hard process to actually remember minute to minute, but I’m working on it 24/7.

I have strong Plutonian energy, like the rest of Generation WH(Y), whom I love to death. I’m coming from the neptunian/uranian ethers 🙂

I’m a part of the Indigo Nation. (“…is that anything like the Nation of Islam?”)*
And more than likely, if you’re reading my blog, you are too.
And if you ain’t,
Welcome :).

Who Are The Indigo Children?
Indigo Children (Empathic)
Indigo/Violet Children and ADHD/Other Perspectives






*if you wanna know about the story connected to this quote, feel free to ask, lol.


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